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100% Born & Raised In Melbourne Australia. 

About Spacely Clothing


Your life is your own seed to sew, your path to carve, your vibes to flow…

In the spirit of freedom, love for humanity and elevation of us all to our greatest place - this is how Spacely Clothing was conceived.

Spacely is about being the raw, original you.

We’re keepin’ your game tight and and your spirit bright whether you’re chillin’ and watchin’ Netflix or on your A game out to conquer the world.

Showcasing off-duty casual to high end show-stoppers, Spacely’s gonna have you vibin’ without a hole burning in your wallet.

Our on the pulse team pledge to create cutting-edge clothing that seamlessly blends classic lines with high quality fabrics, delivering fresh to death designs.

Spacely is proud to be a 100% Melbourne born and owned brand. We don’t see limits, we conceive the possibilities you need to wear. At Spacely we’re all for equality and harmony. One love, one people, elevating our country and making our vibe a global phenomenon.

Spacely is the brain child of Henry Muhkwana (known within the Australian music industry as Henry Skillz) and his long time business partner Fernando Pizzaro, with whom he formed Holla Back Entertainment. Spacely is a passion project made real through over a decade of dedication from this powerhouse pair sourcing innovative and fierce designs. Muhkwana and Pizzaro’s non-negotiable attitude towards original style and quality production sets the pace for a new era in the fashion industry.